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Upload and share Nikon Z9 4K H.265 videos on YouTube without issues

Nikon Z9 to YouTube Issue

“Hi, can anyone help me to upload 4K H.265 videos from Nikon Z9 to YouTube? Maybe an effective video converter for Nikon Z9 is needed. Today I copied some 4K H.265 videos from Nikon Z9 to my computer, when I want to upload these recordings to YouTube, problem occurred, the YouTube said the videos are not supported, is Nikon Z9 not directly supported by YouTube? Can you recommend a Nikon video converter for me? Thanks!”

YouTube is the best online website to share sport videos, in this case many Nikon users want to upload their recordings to YouTube for sharing with others. But, on Nikon Z9 related forums, there are a few of users talking about the YouTube uploading issues on Nikon Z9, they found that the Nikon Z9 recorded videos are not accepted by YouTube directly, and they are looking for a solution. If you have got the Nikon Z9 and want to upload Nikon Z9 4K H.265 footage to YouTube, you may also have encountered the Nikon Z9 4K H.265 videos to YouTube uploading problem.

Why YouTube can’t support H.265 videos of Nikon Z9? From Nikon official website, we know that Nikon Z9 can capture high quality 4K H.265 videos, the video codec and video bitrate is better than common videos, and the supported video formats of YouTube are limited, so the YouTube can’t support all the videos that recorded by Nikon Z9. In this case, the best way to upload Nikon Z9 reordings to YouTube is to convert Nikon Z9 4K H.265 videos to YouTube supported format, and then you can upload videos from Nikon Z9 to YouTube without problems.

Now we will share the easy steps to use Nikon Video Converter, you can convert Nikon Z9 H.265 videos to YouTube supported format in few clicks, this software will convert your videos in top quality and speed.

Free download Nikon Video to YouTube Converter:

Free Download UFUSoft Video Converter Free Download UFUSoft Video Converter for Mac

Convert and upload Nikon Z9 4K H.265 videos to YouTube

Step 1. Load your Nikon 4K H.265 videos

Free download UFUSoft Video Converter, you can get this Nikon Z9 video converter from our website, install this program on your computer, both Mac and Windows versions are available to use, you can use this Nikon Z9 video converter according to your computer.

Run this Nikon Z9 Video Converter you will see the main interface. If you want to convert Nikon Z9 4K H.265 videos, please click “Add Files” button to load 4K videos, full HD videos are also supported by this H.265 video converter.

Nikon Video Converter- convert Nikon Mavic H.265 for uploading to YouTube

Step 2. Select output format

You can choose to convert Nikon Z9 H.265 videos to full HD videos, so you can hit the “Profile” bar to choose “Common Video -> H.264 MP4 Video (*.mp4)” for output. If you need to convert Nikon videos to other formats, just choose the output formats afccording to your need, such as convert Nikon Z9 H.265 video to MOV, convert Nikon Z9 H.265 video to MKV, etc.

upload video to youtube, share videos on youtybe, upload Nikon Z9 H.265 video to yutube

Tip: This Nikon video to youtube converter also has many optimized formats for playable devices and editing programs, you can choose the output format according to your need, you are available to convert videos to iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note 20, Surface Pro 8, Sony 4K TV, Samsung 4K TV, etc.

Step 3. Settings

This Nikon video converter has powerful customization feature, by clicking “Settings” button you can adjust the output resolution, bitrate, frame rate and other parameters. If you don’t need to adjust, just skip this step.

Compress 4K for YouTube on Mac or Windows

Step 4. Edit Nikon Z9 4K H.265 videos

In this powerful UFUSoft Video Converter, you can use the built-in video editor to deal with your Nikon recordings. You can trim Nikon H.265 videos, crop Nikon H.265 videos, add watermark to videos, adjust effect to Nikon videos, replace the audio of Nikon videos, or add audio to Nikon videos, you can also add 3D effect to videos. These editing features will help you to deal with Nikon recordings easily, and you don’t need to use other programs anymore.

Step 5. Start converting videos

Click “Convert” button, and the Nikon Z9 video converter will convert Nikon Z9 4K H.265 videos to MP4 for YouTube immediately, as it adapted the NVIDIA and AMD video card acceleration technology, so it can save much time for you.

When the conversion is finished, you can click “Open Folder” button to get the converted Nikon videos, and then you can upload them to YouTube for watching smoothly, there’s no uploading issue anymore. Just try this Nikon Z9 video converter now!

Note: Make sure the video format is YouTube supported one. Besides you also need to ensure that the video resolution, aspect ration, bitrate, frame rate, etc are YouTube supported ones. For example, YouTube supports 16:9 aspect ratio, so get your video with 16:9 aspect ratio.

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